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Child Play Music in the Wood 2022
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Get Involved

Get involved

We at OAF! Open Arts Festival, are always looking to extend our partnerships, happy to have volunteer involvement and bring on new and exciting performances as part of the OAF! production schedule. If this is you... read on.

Right now we are scheduling for productions for 2023, 2024 and beyond, so get in touch today!

Get involved with OAF!
Perform with OAF!


"Perform with OAF!"

A production doesn't happen without its performers. If you are an individual, group or company who elevate and entertain audiences in music, dance, stand up or theatre - get in contact today. 



"Volunteer with OAF!"

Do you have a love of the performing arts industry? Would you like to learn new skills in production, programme scheduling, producing and even sound and lighting? If so, we are happy to give you the opportunity and it even comes with great perks!

Volunteer with OAF!
Team OAF!


"Work with OAF!"

We offer one week through to 3 month work placements, to support your development and to build on the programming we do day-in day-out. If you are proactive and want to have some fun, with the added bonus to see the visual success of your efforts, reach out and let us know the areas you'd like to consider working with OAF!.


"Partner with OAF!"

Business support of the performing arts has been an astonishing success story in the UK. From leading sponsorships, such as BP’s support of the Royal Opera House, the business sector has played an important role in the development of the performing arts in this country. Businesses are under no obligation to do this. Nor are they doing it because they think that the performing arts are important or deserve their support. They are doing it only because they believe that by doing so, they meet one or more of their many business objectives. We can help you with marketing your brand and business services, with direct access to a target market, enhancing your business image, and even with staff development. Get in contact to discuss how we can make this a successful sponsorship partnership.

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