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26th March 2022

In partnership with LeamLive

The latest of music curators in Leamington Spa, LeamLive will bring together their latest bands and singer song writers onto stage for the masses.


26th March 2022

Spa Brass Band

Bring on the famous Spa Brass Band of Leamington Spa - 30 piece strong brass group of talented musicians performing toe tapping and clapping cover tunes to get the festival started.


26th March 2022

CJ Wood

One of Leamington's home grown singer songwriters, CJ Wood brings us ambient new tunes on guitar with supporting vocals and digital mixers. 

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26th March 2022

Stephen Boyer

Famous in the region for his impressive folk song, Stephen Boyer showcases his storytelling through his instruments and powerful vocals.

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26th March 2022


'''One of the most promising young female artists around - Taylor-Louise - remember that name...'' Paul Merrick.  As a wonderful engaging stage personality with soulful vocals, singer songwriter Taylor-Louise brings her instrumental genius to the OAF! stage. 


26th March 2022


One of latest new bands in Leamington Spa, Overcliff brings fresh new music to tap those feet and get you swaying with drink in hand. With catchy tracks, impressive bass guitar, rhythmic drum beats and vocal harmonies.

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26th March 2022


An impressive group of instrumentalist with narrative lyrics, Rattlesnake is all about the the keyboard, drums, guitars and vocals that have you singing along and having your kids jump up and down for more.


26th March 2022

Through the Roof Theatre Company

The famous Through the Roof Theatre Company arrives onto the OAF! stage this March, showcasing the best arrangement of west end musical medleys by 30 powerful vocals and accompanying live band.

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