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At the heart of Royal Leamington Spa’s culture of creativity, we at OAF! Open Arts Festival produce unique experiences that bring people together and break new ground in culture and the performing arts.

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We are dedicated to creating enjoyable and immersive experiences that bring people together through the performing arts.

Singer - Jeromey Balderrama
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Bathed in the mesmerising glow of stage lights, indoor events become portals to boundless creativity. A tapestry of music, dance, stand-up comedy, and theatre unfolds, captivating hearts and minds.


Performers radiate their passion, casting spells of laughter, awe, and inspiration. In this intimate setting, the power of art thrives, forging unforgettable connections between artists and audiences.

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Under the enchanting night sky, outdoor events ignite with pulsating rhythms and soul-stirring melodies. Talented performers weave their magic amidst nature's embrace, illuminating the darkness with their passion. Sensory art installations ignite imagination, while curiosity-filled winter trails beckon exploration. A celestial tapestry of music, art, and nature intertwines, creating an unforgettable symphony for the senses.

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Jabber Cartel Music in the Wood 2022
Bandstand Music Series 2023


Experience the Best in Entertainment with OAF!

We have been busy!

The 2023/24 Season has been launched with a collection of free and ticketed indoor and outdoors events for you, your family and friends. Take a look at what's on!

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Our Partners

We are proud to collaborate with some of the most respected companies in the entertainment industry. Our partnerships allow us to bring you the best in entertainment and create unforgettable experiences.

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